One couple's marriage wish comes loyal in Roanoke

Because of his use to a country, and her fitness of a draw, a Roanoke integrate had a marriage of their dreams Friday afternoon.

Meet a new Mr. and Mrs. O’Toole.

Ryan and Heather usually pronounced their “I do’s” during a pleasing Silver Hearth Lodge in Roanoke.

It’s a usually private mountain-top marriage venue in a whole southeast.

“We wouldnt’ have been means to do this but NRV Bridal, a venue and all was all donated,” pronounced Ryan.

Ryan and Heather won a “Make A Wedding Wish Come True” contest.

The competition was privately looking for a troops themed wedding.

It usually so happens, Ryan has been in a use for 9 years and served in Afghanistan.
“Everything came together, and she deserves it, she was extraordinary a whole time we was deployed,” pronounced Ryan.

From catering, to flowers, to hairstyles for a bridesmaids, and even a marriage cake., a sum of 16 internal businesses donated their services to a special day.

The 2015 hunt is on for a subsequent integrate and if you’re interested, they’re  looking for Teachers who are now operative in a State of Virginia.

 For all a info, click here.

Need Some Wedding Hairspiration? Here Are 30 Looks Perfect For A Boho Bride

The Dodge Challenger, a cut of American flesh from an epoch we’ll expected never knowledge again. Pictured here by Bill Jacomet, it was a decade that stays appreciated — a singular impulse before to word hikes, fuel prices rising and glimmer mandates that put an finish to a madness. Dodge, however, claims that time is behind with a 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat; we will be posting a initial expostulate examination tomorrow morning. So check behind with us and see either Dodge is right: After all, braggadocio 707 hp, it is a fastest flesh automobile ever.

Wedding Hair For Boho Brides

The Dodge Challenger, a cut of American flesh from an epoch we’ll expected never knowledge again. Pictured here by Bill Jacomet, it was a decade that stays appreciated — a singular impulse before to word hikes, fuel prices rising and glimmer mandates that put an finish to a madness. Dodge, however, claims that time is behind with a 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat; we will be posting a initial expostulate examination tomorrow morning. So check behind with us and see either Dodge is right: After all, braggadocio 707 hp, it is a fastest flesh automobile ever.

2014 FIFA World Cup: Josh Duhamel, Barack Obama & More Celebs Show Support USA Men's Soccer Team!

It’s an critical day for soccer—yes, soccer, since that’s how we contend it over here.

The stars were tuning in for today’s 2014 FIFA World Cup USA vs. Germany game, and from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, it seems they were all pulling for a red, white and blue! (Germany only won 1-0, though Team USA is still advancing!)

Some celebs, like Josh Duhamel his darling 10-month-old son Axl, were also wearing their American colors in support of a United States men’s team! (BTW, how lovable is it that Fergie‘s boys are dressed alike?!)

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Jessica Biel got into a game, too! Justin Timberlake‘s mother posted a design of herself on WhoSay that showed her, American dwindle in her teeth, proudly wearing a nationalistic cap!

She common another WhoSay picture display a tasty provide she’s indulging in if Team USA beats Germany.  “If we win, I’m eating this whole plate,” she wrote, “Including a flag.” (Sorry, girl. Eat it anyway!)

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U.S. men’s group manager Jürgen Klinsmann tweeted a accede trip of sorts for everybody to skip work to watch a game. Ashton Kutcher took advantage of this, stuffing in his name and posting it to Facebook!

Sophia Bush did a same, tweeting her sealed chronicle of a note along with some nationalistic emojis.

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Ryan Seacrest didn’t skip out on work to watch a game—he multitasked! The KIIS FM radio horde Instagrammed an on-the-job snap display him and co-host Ellen K entertaining on group USA!

PHOTOS: Shirtless shots of David Beckham, a male who brought new seductiveness to a game!

As for Arianna Huffington from a Huffington Post? She was examination a diversion from work, though in sequence to keep all her employees happy, she attempted to downplay her group preference.

VIDEO: Will Ferrell supports group USA, threatens to punch German players!

The U.S. Men’s soccer group drew on superfan Will Ferrell for mid-game Facebook pep talk! Unfortunately, it didn’t work a sorcery this game, though we’ve got another entrance up!

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And obviously, President of United States Barack Obama done certain to twitter some amicable adore to group USA!

PHOTOS: See all of a hottest general soccer players!


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Platinum Guild International: Platinum Jewelry Sales On The Rise

NEW YORK, Jul 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Whether seen “walking” down a aisle or a runway, a latest valuables trends can’t be missed- and bullion valuables is now branch heads.  A new consult of 2013 bullion valuables sales* suggested an 11% expansion in a category, a larger boost than excellent valuables sales as a whole.  Why is bullion brazen of a curve?  Renowned for a singular qualities and rarity, bullion is seen as opposite among millennials**, a savvy demographic who enterprise choices that pronounce to their possess clarity of style. As many select as timeless, there’s a square of bullion valuables to fit any ambience and many budgets.

Each year Platinum Guild International, a world’s heading management and source of eccentric information about bullion jewelry, hosts a foe compelling creation in bullion valuables pattern that serves to brand and even emanate trends. The competition’s many renouned category, Platinum Engagement Rings, offering a engorgement of beautifully crafted bullion rings that infer any bride can be unique. Colored stones, modernized halos and uneven settings noted a new turn in rendezvous ring style, a difficulty that can mostly be misinterpreted as lacking in uninformed design.

Platinum has prolonged stood as a spousal environment of choice as couples select a steel for a secure properties, a thoughtfulness of a lifelong adore their rendezvous rings and marriage bands are symbolizing; even a many intricately designed settings will continue and keep diamonds and gemstones where they belong.  Settings entered into a difficulty started as low as $1575, that highlights another pull for a consumer, a stream cost of platinum.  The disproportion in cost between a bullion rendezvous ring and a same in white bullion has recently forsaken to all time lows and consumers are noticing that platinum, a naturally white steel that will never need to be re-plated, is value a price, if not more.***  

It’s not usually about a ladies though. Men’s bullion marriage bands have also seen a swell in pattern as a direct for changed metals to compare a bride’s has grown.  From solid and gemstone accents to texturing and tubing, bullion men’s bands are removing a character makeover. Lashbrook Designs, awarded in a Men’s Platinum Jewelry category, incorporated Gibeon Meteorite segments and diamonds into their bullion men’s rope for a truly overwhelming ascent to a classical plain band. 

Platinum is on trend in a universe of conform valuables as well.  Platinum pendants, earrings, bracelets and cocktail rings are not usually station out on a red runner though a flourishing series of consumers are noticing a advantages of purchasing their special or even any day valuables in platinum.  The foe saw a new stand of pattern brazen bullion conform pieces too.  Vintage and vintage-inspired pieces have been generally renouned in a past few years and sojourn uninformed when ragged with a contemporary twist. For example, selected bullion brooches have been seen adorning neat hairstyles or cinching dresses.  More complicated looks like updated stackables and hoops are renouned bullion choices.

“This is bullion jewelry’s third call in a US,” says PGI USA President Huw Daniel. “The initial ran adult to World War Two, when bullion was private from a marketplace to support a fight effort.  Cartier and Tiffany led with versatile designs that can't be done in any other changed metal. The second – from a ’80′s to early 2000′s – when a confidant yellows of a 60′s and 70′s were transposed by cooler white fashions from a likes of Tom Ford during Gucci.

Today, the millennial consumer sees bullion as singular and distinctive, and a approach to demonstrate their possess personal style.  And with bullion and bullion prices trade comparatively closer, bullion is no longer a safety of luminary weddings and red carpets.”

Growth in bullion sales is approaching to continue via 2014 with a accessibility of some-more opposite bullion styles during an augmenting operation of cost points.

* 2013 Retail Barometer Study. The formula were formed on dual exclusive surveys and third celebration feedback from over 300 retailers representing all placement channels.

** A new Millward Brown consult of spousal consumers suggested that Platinum is viewed as a many opposite of all metals.  Platinum indexes during 169 for ‘feels different from others or sets a trends for a category’, approach brazen of other changed metals that are next index — white bullion during 98 and yellow bullion during 82.

*** The Millward Brown consult suggested that consumers trust bullion is value it, with 77% of those surveyed observant ‘platinum was value a cost, or more’.

Since a pregnancy in 2010, a Annual JCK Platinum Innovation Awards, a pattern foe that inspires creation in bullion valuables design, have served to brand and emanate new trends in valuables and respect those valuables brands that have such a knack for design.  Platinum Guild International (PGI USA) in and with a largest U.S. valuables trade uncover JCK Las Vegas, recently distinguished a fifth anniversary of a foe with over 130 new bullion entries, a collection that boasted a flexibility of a steel in styles and cost ranges to fit any taste.

About PGI-USA:
Platinum Guild International is dedicated to compelling bullion and its, pure, singular and almighty qualities to a consumer and a valuables trade.  PGI has offices in any of a world’s vital valuables markets, providing information, assistance and preparation on all aspects of bullion jewelry. For some-more information greatfully visit www.platinumguild.com

PGI-USA annually hosts a Platinum Innovation Awards, severe JCK uncover exhibitors to enter their many innovative bullion spousal and conform designs.

2014 FIFA World Cup—See All a Celebrity Fans!

Celebrities are ripping with American pride!

Stars showed their invariable support for a United States men’s group in a 2014 FIFA World Cup. Despite their detriment to Germany, a inhabitant patrol is still relocating on to a subsequent round, so there is still a lot to celebrate!

“Knockout rounds… Here we come!!! #USMNT #IBelieve,” Justin Timberlake tweeted.

Mario Lopez shared a identical message on his Twitter account. “Well, it wasn’t a final measure we hoped for though a US group is relocating on to a subsequent round… We’re still alive! Now a genuine fun begins.”

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Earlier in a day, Jessica Biel couldn’t enclose her fad for a large diversion and posted a nationalistic pic. “Go on! #USMNT,” she wrote on her WhoSay page.

Josh Duhamel also common a print on Instagram with his darling son Axl. “GO #USA!!! (or a Portugal/Ghana tie would be fantastic) #USMNT #LetsDoThis,” he captioned a honeyed pic.

PHOTOS: See some-more luminary World Cup fans!


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Stinson means to conquer grief to acquire worlds berth

It unequivocally wasn’t satisfactory for a rest of a provinces participating in Canadian Gymnaestrada final week in Calgary.
Not when they were going adult opposite a Team Saskatchewan lineup that featured 70 competitors and one defender angel.

Fort Frances local and stream Saskatoon proprietor Vicki Stinson was a partial of a patrol that was equal tools lively and magnificence in earning a outing to a 15th World Gymnaestrada subsequent Jul in Helsinki, Finland.
It takes bravery to perform on a inhabitant stage.
But that was even moreso in this box for Stinson, who reason a palm of her 93-year-old grandmother, Vergil, as she upheld divided in Fort Frances customarily dual days before a event.
“I was really doing this for Gram and we consider that helped me perform better,” announced Stinson, who returned home late final week for a wake calm in meaningful she had finished her grandmother proud.
“Her and her hermit did gymnastics in a Shevlin woodpiles as kids flourishing up, doing handsprings off of a logs,” Stinson said.
“I grew adult conference those stories. we know Gram was there to support us.”
Stinson and a rest of a Prairie Ribbons Rhythmic Gymnastics Club in Saskatoon total army with 3 clubs from Regina as they took on tighten to 1,000 other gymnasts from opposite Canada.
“The initial day, we got to use during a University of Calgary, that had an tangible rhythmic gymnastics gym,” she noted.
“That was a good oppulance being that when a group gets together to use on weekends in Saskatchewan, a customarily places that can reason 70 of us are unchanging high propagandize gymnasiums, that are not as well-equipped as we would like.
“We got a station acclaim from a throng collected only to watch a use so we knew we were on to something good,” Stinson added.
Later that day, Team Saskatchewan reason a initial open opening and drew soap-box reviews from their conduct coach.
“They pronounced it was a best opening yet,” Stinson beamed.
“The routines customarily final anywhere between 7 and 15 minutes, and many of a other teams were doing 15 minutes, though we kept ours to seven,” she added.
“Our plan was to uncover we could do a ideal seven-minute slight and wish that valid to Gymnastics Canada that in a subsequent year, we could supplement another 7 or 8 ideal mins so that we will have a full 15-minute slight prepared for worlds,” Stinson remarked.
“We were going for peculiarity over quantity.”
On a second day, participants were speedy by eventuality organizers to enclose artistic makeup and hairstyles for their performances, with Team Saskatchewan afterwards removing to play a ace in a hole.
“One of a coach’s sisters is a hairstylist who designs a styles for us and afterwards teaches us to do it ourselves,” Stinson explained.
“It was flattering heated in a credentials area, with 10 people assisting with hair and 10 some-more doing makeup.
“The boys indispensable assistance with theirs,” she chuckled.
Team Saskatchewan staged dual plain performances, though a certainty turn as to either they had finished good adequate to allege to a worlds sundry via a group members.
“The veterans who have been to dual opposite worlds before suspicion we had it though us newbies were still a small nervous,” certified Stinson.
Then word came down that Team Saskatchewan had been selected to perform a culmination of a shutting ceremonies a following day—a certain pointer Finland and a date with 30,000 other gymnasts from around a creation was in their future.
“There were 70 of us and a coaches screaming and hollering and clapping and shouting,” removed Stinson.
“When it’s only we and we find out you’ve finished well, it’s already flattering exciting,” she noted.
“When there’s that many people, it’s even better.”
The good news carried a group by a bustling Canada Day, that saw them do one indoor performance, another one outdoor as partial of Canada Day festivities in Calgary, and afterwards a finale.
“We were prepared by a training stay for such a bustling day . . . otherwise, it would have been flattering tough on us aged fogies,” Stinson laughed.
When a final pierce had been executed in a finale, and a final bar of song faded away, Team Saskatchewan was given another station ovation.
“It felt implausible to be fluttering to a assembly and a other athletes meaningful what we had achieved,” Stinson said.
“Did we ever consider when we started in this competition that one day we would be going to a universe championship? Absolutely not,” she admitted.
“I started participating in gymnastics since we desired it and still do.
“It’s a formidable competition for me, though it’s a good feeling of fulfilment carrying worked so tough to get to this point,” she added.
Stinson already is removing prepared for her cross-Atlantic tour subsequent summer.
“I have a integrate of friends who are Finnish, so I’m going to use my bad Finnish on them,” she joked.

‘Boyhood’ Amazes With the Filming Gimmick and Largely Transcends It

Richard Linklater’s ability as a filmmaker is not so many how he can innovate within a proportions of a American indie scene—be it with rotoscoping or a epic 18-year “Before” trilogy or a brew of documentary and novella in Bernie—but that he never creates it feel like a gimmick. The same goes for Boyhood, that is being sold to a audience as “film history,” and for good reason. If we missed a story, he began sharpened a film 12 years ago with a seven-year-old named Ellar Coltrane, and picked behind adult with him for a week or so of filming any year to tell a story of adolescence where a characters age naturally before your eyes.

It’s a kind of adventurous gimmick that’s right adult Linklater’s alley—who knows if a seven-year-old will rise into a remotely appealing actor, though he’s always been a executive who coaxes impossibly healthy work out of his casts, be they amateurs or film stars. Coltrane is during times capricious and sullen, though that’s frequency surprising function for a pubescent teenage boy. He’s surrounded by a some-more enterprising ancillary cast—Patricia Arquette as his mother, Ethan Hawke as his dad, and Linklater’s daughter Lorelei as his sister—and events both soapily thespian and believably paltry for a assembly to fasten on to.

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Boyhood succeeds given it some-more mostly than not feels unequivocally healthy and lived-in, accurately a vibe Linklater is aiming for, and all a some-more considerable given a dual hour 45-minute runtime. This is not an drifting film when it comes to plot—there’s some play relating to Mason’s parents, who are separate adult before a film begins, and some-more retaining things relating to destiny step-parents and a family relocating around Texas. The time-jumps are lax and adult to a assembly to notice (there’s no pretension screens for any year flashing on screen), mostly obvious by changing hairstyles and a many renouned song of a year, that Linklater happily deploys flattering sparingly (if his needle-drops were any reduction subtle, Boyhood competence come off like a VH1 nostalgia special).

Though a time-jumps are loose, a film falls into 3 extended acts, any disposition on extended story tropes that any filmgoer competence recognize. The first, dreamiest shred is Mason as a kid, personification video games, flicking by Victoria’s Secret catalogues, fighting with his sister, foolishly wishing his relatives would get behind together. As he hits adolesence and becomes even quieter and some-more gloomy (as immature teenage boys are cannot to do), Linklater leans heavier on what’s going on around him, with his mom marrying another male and that conditions solemnly deteriorating. Mason earnings to inflection as a large comparison teen for a final section, with copiousness some-more determined story material—drinking, a girlfriend, doubt about a multitude he’s being called on to fit into.

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To Linklater’s measureless credit, he mostly skims around things we’ve seen copiousness of times before (like initial kisses or passionate encounters, loyalty play during school, and a like) and total we’ll be means to fill in a blanks any time we bound brazen a year. At a same time, he’s sharpened for a flattering concept experience, from a song (we open with Coldplay’s “Yellow” and hang adult with a Arcade Fire) to a plotting, and infrequently large thespian moments don’t feel wholly earned.

Arquette’s impression substantially suffers a many in this regard, given she’s a engine for a few tract inclination (moving town, marrying a new man, etc.) though there isn’t a time to unequivocally try her tour given we’re saying her by Mason’s eyes and for many of a time she’s unequivocally many a mom. It’s intensely absolute when Mason is younger (he during one indicate catches a glance of her in tears though immediately bargain why) though as he grows up, she gets some impression beats that feel some-more germane to any aged mom.

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Ethan Hawke gets to have some-more fun with his father character, mocking deliberation he starts off as a clichéd fun though absent father who pulls his prohibited rod in front of a residence and whisks a kids off to get presents any so often. He shouldn’t get to travel off with a movie’s best scenes, though of march he does, and Hawke’s chemistry with Coltrane feels a many realistic, given he’s creation some-more of an bid to poke a kids about how they’re feeling.

At a best moments (many of them involving Hawke), Boyhood reminded me of a good Taiwanese filmmaker Edward Yang, about a top enrich we can deliver, who done several unconditional epics that focused on family, girl and civic society, a best-known of that is his final film Yi Yi, that also leaned on some eloquent twists in a enrapturing mural of a middle-class family. Boyhood is not utterly on that level, though it has adequate moments that feel devastatingly healthy to lift we past those that feel hackneyed. Calling it a sum of a tools can be a obscure compliment, though it feels like generally estimable regard for Boyhood, deliberation how many went into creation it feel whole.  

This essay was creatively published during http://www.thewire.com/entertainment/2014/07/boyhood-amazes-with-its-filming-gimmick-and-largely-transcends-it/374148/

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For men: 3 hairstyles from a Milan runways

Emporio Armani - Slick Backs

Diesel Black Gold - Bangs

At a menswear shows that wrapped adult in Milan this week, opposite brands played around with hairstyles on a runway. Here’s how to get a looks:

Brioni – Pompadour – http://youtu.be/CdeLUDlwIko

At Brioni, a models’ hair matched a preppy, retro-Americana of a clothes. This video shows we all a stairs concerned in slicing and styling a matte pompadour look. 

Emporio Armani – Gelled down hair – http://youtu.be/vLvyMElLd9I

The mythological designer’s Emporio Armani collection was ragged by models with slicked-back, gelled-down hair. Style consultant Jose Zuniga takes we by some of a best products and techniques to assistance we get a slickest of slick-backs. 

Diesel Black Gold – Fringes – http://youtu.be/DlR5BRLOA3k

The Italian brand’s runway uncover featured roughly Emo-style bangs on a boys to compare a rebel stone ‘n’ hurl clothing. Hair consultant Stephen Marinaro explains how to cut a fluffy border during home in this video. 

Page Pink – A Singapore Girl’s Guide To Real Pampering!

Girls, have we got a yield for you.

A new startup has sprung adult in Singapore, dynamic to yield us with all we need to cosset ourselves. Page Pink, set adult by ex-ebay employees, is an online office for several beauty and wellness use providers opposite a island. The appeal, however, is not in a immeasurable database of beauty outlets or a easy-to-use interface, though that it unequivocally understands what girls want.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 during 5.55.58 PM

When we initial arrive during a Page Pink website, we are greeted with a elementary hunt bar. Any lady would know that when we are desirous with a beauty need, a need is immediate. This hunt bar creates anticipating a best places to get that ideal gelish manicure or hair diagnosis most quicker, even squeezing it down to a plcae and price. This hunt bar certain trumps blindly googling salons but direction.

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If we are in need for a genuine pick-me-up, a wellness territory has a immeasurable preference of gyms and use providers for all work-out styles, from pilates to foot stay to even physiotherapist-supported gyms for those who need special care. We need a variety, and with Page Pink, we can work a butts off in as many opposite ways as we wish and even get a well-earned massage after.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 during 5.56.34 PM

The topping on a cake is Pink’s Scoop, their deceit editorial page that will fuel a beauty inspirations.

While meditative about a subsequent hairstyle, they jolt a senses with Taylor Swift’s story of beautiful hairstyles, while also display us a latest spike trends, what extraordinary facials can do for a skin, and even display us a advantages of anti-gravity yoga! Their Browse Photos option is like a pinterest full of beauty and aptness inspirations, creation it roughly unfit to remember because we came to this page in a initial place. It is intensely annoying and engaging all during a same time.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 during 5.56.14 PM

Page Pink is still in a early stages, and while a page is now engaging during best, a genuine strength will have to come from their crowd-reviewed list that is still in need of a throng and their reviews.

According to a About Us page, “This is not only ‘About Us’. We unequivocally wish to make this place ‘About You’.”

While a selected name for their determined village (Pinkers) is questionable, their goal is admirable. The some-more people pronounce adult and attend in this crowd-reviewed village site, a stronger this apparatus becomes.

The intensity for expansion is great, and we for one am anticipating for a best.

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